When It Comes To Dogs, We Have The Goods

Do you own a dog now, or have you ever had one before? If so, then you already know how wonderful being a dog owner is. A solid base of knowledge will prepare you to be an even better dog owner, just as is the case with so many other life skills. This article will give you great dog advice.

TIP! Your dog needs to have an annual checkup, the same as you do. Because your dog can’t speak with you, you may have trouble knowing when your dog is feeling pain like if it has arthritis.

Take your dog to the vet at least one time a year for checkups. Your dog can’t speak to you, which means it isn’t easy to tell if they’re having a tooth ache or issues with arthritis. Check-ups can reveal that and more.

When vacationing with your dog, use the camera on your phone to snap a quick picture. This will be helpful should he get lost.

TIP! Take some time to become familiar with your canine’s non-verbal language. Don’t force interaction with other pets or people if your dog is showing reluctance.

Don’t let your dog out of your property without wearing a leash, regardless of how well he behaves. A wild animal could draw his attention and make him run off into danger, or an unexpected provocation could result in some unpleasant situation with other people and their dogs. You’re responsible for their actions and safety.

Whenever your dog performs a good action, such as sitting or staying, give it praise and rewards. You need your dog to realize that you’re proud of their behavior and want to see it more often. This also shows the dog that good behavior will earn praise.

TIP! If you have prescription or over-the-counter medication in the house, make sure that your dog does not have access to it. Just a few of your pills can be disastrous for the dog, inducing a heart attack or seizure.

If you are in the market for a pure bred pooch, consider checking your local shelter. There are people who drop off pets for many different reasons, such as moving abroad or the death of an owner. Simply call your pound and see what they have. Taking this option may save the life of a dog.

If you have to go out, leave the TV or radio on when you leave. The sound of music could help him feel more secure and keep him company. It might help with any anxiety issues.

TIP! Avoid giving your pup table scraps. If you feed from the table, he’ll become a beggar and stop eating his own food.

Keep a dog tag on your dog at all times. To make it more likely that your dog finds its way home to you should it become lost, outfit it with a collar that has identification tags attached. Include your dog’s name and information on how to contact you. If a tag doesn’t feel like the right option for your dog, consider a microchip.

Too many trainers spoil the process. Having multiple people train your dog will only confuse him. Only allow one person to teach the dog things and then everyone else should learn what that person has taught the dog and stick with that.

TIP! Rather than merely using verbal commands, it is wise to utilize hand signals when training your dog. Signals like these help your dog learn things quickly.

Keep your annual appointments for check-ups with your dog. This will give your dogs the best chance to avoid life-threatening diseases. Annual exams can prevent lots of unneeded expenses later on.

Dogs paws can be damaged by walking through areas that are rife with debris and broken glass. If you spot a cut on your dog’s paw, clean it using an antiseptic before bandaging the cut. If the cut continues to bleed, go to an emergency veterinary hospital.

TIP! If the dog is doing something right, like sitting before he is leashed, lavish him with praise and affection. You need to reward good behavior.

When snacking, you might allow your dog to have a bite or two of your food. This is fine with some foods, but other foods aren’t healthy for dogs. Dogs should never be given things such as grapes, chocolate and caffeine. These kinds of foods may have detrimental effects on the animal’s health.

Some vitamins are not beneficial for dogs. As long as your dog has a good diet, he or she needs no extra vitamin supplements. If you give your dog too many vitamins, joints, bones or blood vessels could be damaged. You should always speak to your vet concerning your dog’s vitamin regimen.

Wet Nose

Do not rely on a cold, wet nose to judge your dog’s health. There are a lot of reasons your dog might have a cold and wet nose. Judge health by looking at your dog’s demeanor, appetite, and energy. These are better signs of how your dog is feeling. Their temperature can be checked via their rectum.

TIP! If you have a pure bred dog, make sure you educate yourself on what type of problems are “normal” for that breed. Take the time to read up on your breed so that you don’t get any surprises down the road.

Just because you have an outside dog, it doesn’t mean he doesn’t require the same attention as a dog that’s inside. He is likely to begin barking, digging holes or chewing if you do not give him enough attention. He could also develop an aggressive attitude. Make sure that dog gets playtime and lots of love to be as happy as can be.

You have to really watch everything your dog eats. Puppies can eat higher fat options to help them grow. Adult dogs can’t eat everything because it will cause them to gain weight and have health problems.

TIP! Leaving a radio playing while you are gone will help your dog stay calm and may alleviate separation anxiety. Your dog will appreciate the company of the sound, and he will feel more secure.

Ensure you regularly wash water and food bowls. Just like for humans, it is not sanitary for your pets to continuously eat from a dirty bowl. You need to wash the bowls on a daily basis.

As this article went over before, it’s rewarding to own a dog. If you know a lot about dogs, it’s even better. The above article should help you understand more about dogs. Take advantage of these suggestions and have fun being a dog owner!