Make Sure You Read This If You Have A Dog!

Are you a former or current dog owner? If you answered yes, then you know how great it can be to own a dog. That said, you should want and need to learn more. The tips in this article will help any dog owner improve the care they give their pet.

Vet Care

Keep in mind that dogs are expensive. Food, vet care and supplies can add up quickly. Emergency vet care is very expensive, in some cases thousands of dollars, so you might want to consider purchasing pet health insurance.

TIP! Keep your medications out of paw’s reach. Swallowing even one pill can end very badly, with a sick or dying dog.

Just like people need regular yearly physicals, dogs need the same thing. Your dog will not be able to express its concerns, so make sure that you get it a checkup periodically. Getting your dog checked up on annually will allow you to know if there are any problems.

Be wary of the flea treatment you’re going to use on your dog. A lot of them can cause cancer in children. Discuss any concerns with your veterinarian, and see if he has more holistic treatment options that might help to keep your pet free from fleas and your family safe.

TIP! Fight the urge to feed table scraps to your dog. Feeding a dog from the table only reinforces begging.

Fight the urge to feed table scraps to your dog. Your dog will constantly beg for food when you are eating and will not be hungry when the time to feed it comes. Scraps from the table obesity, digestive problems, or other health issues in dogs. While you and your family dine, keep your dog in another room so that table-feeding isn’t an option.

Don’t force anything into a dog. If you’re trying to get your dog to eat a new treat and it’s not showing any interest, don’t force them to eat it. The best judge of what your dog likes is the dog himself. Fancy name brands mean nothing.

TIP! Check with your vet to determine the amount of food to feed your dog daily. While some people follow the direction on the back of the dog food packaging, they are sometimes incorrect and may make your dog overweight.

Take your new dog to the vet. Immediately after bringing home the new dog, schedule a checkup with your veterinarian. The veterinarian will set the dog up with the proper vaccinations and give it a routine health checkup. Ask your vet about neutering your dog. Shelters are filled with unwanted animals and not neutering your dog means you could be making this problem worse.

Make sure that your dog is not kept outside your home all day long. Understand that dogs need to interact with other people and animals. If your dog is alone outside, it will quickly get lonely. Plus, bad weather can be health and even life threatening to your pet.

TIP! Avoid cheap dog food. Cheap dog food contains lots of preservatives and additives that your dog doesn’t need.

Some breads are prone to illness, and you need to know if yours is one of them. You should do some research on the dog breeds you are interested in to learn more about the health issues they are likely to develop. Ask your veterinarian what steps can be taken to prevent issues that are common with your dog’s breed.

Let your dog know that you care about him. A lot of owners focus on correcting bad behaviors rather than displaying affection for their dog. If you focus on the negatives, they will not maximize their potential. Rather, be sure to give praise five times more frequently than you reprimand. Your dog will more likely showcase proper behavior when you do that.

TIP! You need to trim your dog’s nails regularly. Long nails cause huge amounts of pain.

If you do not want your female dog to become pregnant, be careful with her when she goes into heat. A female’s scent can travel a very long distance. She might instigate problems with fellow dogs, as well as getting pregnant with an unknown mate.

Dog Owners

TIP! Make sure your dog gets plenty of exercise. Your dog has to be worked out to stay happy and healthy.

Be politically active on behalf of your pooch! Watch for local laws that people are trying to pass to restrict how dog owners have to behave and what their rights are. It often results from one bad breed or bad dog. Speak for dog owners that are responsible by talking to your local officials.

When choosing an animal to cohabitate with an existing one, try to arrange an introduction before deciding. Dogs are social animals and may or may not get along. If you find two dogs that can get along, you’ll save yourself some trouble.

TIP! A dog should not be left outside all day. Even though a lot of people tend to do this, a dog requires human interaction to feel good.

Make sure that you give the same amount of attention to all types of dogs. He is sure to acquire poor habits such as digging and chewing if without company for long periods. He may start being aggressive, too. Play with him often and let him know you love him, and he will be happy.

In terms of your dog’s diet, you should monitor things carefully. Young puppies need foods rich in calories to grow. Adult dogs can’t eat everything because it will cause them to gain weight and have health problems.

TIP! Certain dogs are prone to medical conditions and make yourself aware of this before selecting a dog. Take the time to read up on your breed so that you don’t get any surprises down the road.

The bowls your dog eats and drinks from need to be washed regularly. Just as you would hate to eat out of dirty bowls, a dog is the same. Be sure to wash your dog’s bowls daily and provide fresh, clean food and water.

There are many advantages with owning a dog. If you know a lot about dogs, it’s even better. The above article should help you understand more about dogs. Take advantage of what you have learned and enjoy a healthy, happy relationship with your dog!